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My Bio

Although I have never actually MET Miss Steele, I am the world's most informed Michael Steele Expert, due to my superior extrasensory abilities...after only a few moments of intense meditational concentration, I can make contact with Miss Steele's subconscious mind (and let me tell you something!-- that is not a place anyone should venture into by themselves-- "Good Housekeeping" indeed!)... So, my knowledge of Michael Steele is, as you might say, the final word on the subject...this I DO know to be true!

My Occupation

The penultimate expert on all matters pertaining to Michael Steele...

My Hobbies

Ah, my little bindis - so many lifetimes, so little time!... How can I have a hobby when my days are allready stuffed to bursting with thoughts of Miss Michael Steele?

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